5 burner gas range
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Whirlpool 5-Burner Freestanding Gas Range

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Whirlpool 5-Burner Freestanding 5.1-cu ft Gas Range (white)

Five Burner Whirlpool
Whirlpool Gas Range

This stove has:
Continuous, cast-iron grates cover nearly the whole cooktop surface and allow you to slide heavy pots and pans to optimal locations
Satin-finish grates are dishwasher safe and durable enough to resist wear and tear
Large oven window provides a clear view of the oven interior so you can monitor cooking progress without opening the door
There is a griddle for convenience to provide a dedicated place to grill vegetables or cook pancakes
Adjustable oven racks can be moved to different positions to accommodate almost any size of cookware
8000 BTU middle burner adds a fifth cooktop element with enough power to cook your favorite dishes
Recessed cooktop lowers the level of the grates to provide a sleek profile.

What I Think Of  Our Whirlpool Stove

I am really enjoying my new Whirlpool gas range. This range not only looks great but is easy to use. I love all the features it offers. It has many features that perform many different tasks. I love the different levels of heating options that it gives.

Whirlpool has always been a trusted named in our family and I’m thankful for the quality they continue to offer with their products.  It is very easy to clean and I love having five burners. I love the griddle that came with it. It makes cooking so much nicer. You can use the griddle for pancakes, eggs or grilled cheese.

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I love the broiler . I can bake in the oven , cook on the stove and broil meal in the broiler and have everything ready to go, all at the same time. This has been the best stove we have ever owned. This range is sold in many different stores. It is easy to find.  It is definitely on the top of the list. Make all your holiday cooking and baking easier with a Whirlpool.

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