How To: Prepare For Camping -The Ultimate List

It’s camping season and if you’re going to be camping then you’ll be needing the necessary supplies and equipment .
eSportsonline - 10,000+ Discount Games and Sporting Goods + Free ShippingSo what are you going to be heading off with?

Checklists are a great tool to help with your organization. Your camping list will vary according to the type of camping you’re going to be doing and what activities you will be including on your trip., The time of year and the length of your trip.

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You will need some type of shelter which includes bedding. Your cookware along with clothing.And don’t forget those personal items you’ll be needing.You know, things like Toilet paper.

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Always be sure to tell someone where you are going , how long you plan on being there and when you expect to return. If there is a problem and you need help, someone will be aware that you have not returned and contact the local authorities. It could save your life.

So let’s get stated and help you with that list.

I didn’t include food. I assume you know to take that along. Do not count on your fishing skills alone as we all know anything can happen. The best thing to take is survival packets. And then any other thing you’d like that is easy to carry in that backpack of yours.

Camping List for your trip







 Tent  Sleeping    Bag  Socks  water jug   Medicine  Batteries
 Stakes  Blankets  Shoes  Coolers/ice  Razors  Lantern
 Hammer  Pillow  Shirts  Thermos  Toilet Paper  Sunscreen
  tarp        Cot  Pants/shorts          Stove   Deodorant  Compass
 Shade  Tarp  hand pump  Underwear  Paper towels  Hair Brush  Bug Repellent
 Poles  Mattress repair kit  Pajama’s  Trash bags  Towels/Wash cloths  Maps
 Rope  Sheets  Jacket         Matches  Tooth brush/paste  Fishing Gear
 Dust pan/broom  Air Mattress Pad  Rain Gear  aluminum foil  Feminine products  Sunglasses
   Eye Shades/Ear Plugs  Garment Bag  cooking oil  Shaving Creme  Hammock
   Neck Roll  Bathing suit  Folding table  shampoo/conditioner  First Aid
     Backpack  paper plates/cups/Napkins/ silverware    Pocket Knife
       Dish pan/

Dish rag/detergent

       condiments    Fishing pole
       Can/bottle opener    tackle box
       Pots /frying pan    Inflatable raft
       cooking utensils    Games
       Campfire grill/charcoal    Water Bottles


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