Living The Simple Life

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Living The SImple Life
Living The SImple Life

Hello And Welcome to Living The Simple Life.  We live simple and quiet. We eat simple food (vegetarian) We have a simple Amish built house, that is small with a minimalistic style. We have just enough clothes, furniture, and as few possessions as possible. We live a quiet life with as little distractions as possible, relaxing when we get the chance by reading, watching a movie, or relaxing on the porch with our iPad and surfing the net.   

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Our site is also an informational site ranging from How To Articles to the services we offer, which is a Social Media Advertising Service that advertises your website/business/products on several Social Media sites. 

We are here to help you with your nutrition and fitness needs. With ranges from pregnancy to infancy, and all the way up to your senior years. Want some helpful tips, we can give you those too.

A new series we have to offer is the Did You Know Series which is sometimes educational and other times just plain amazing and fun. These articles include most everything and have ranged from information about animals facts, human facts, fun facts for kids, food and health facts to just silly random fun facts.  

Our site is also dedicated to the books that we have written and offer at great low prices. You can find a list of those from the framed section below which list our books that can be viewed and purchased from Amazon. Check out my Author Page for more details and to see all the books we have to offer.

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