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I am a wife, mother, writer, photographer, and Business Consultant. I started a blog years ago as an outlet for my writing. I’m not much of a talker but I do a lot of it with my writing. Writing is how I express myself. How I communicate. I was told people could tell a lot about me and the mood I was in, just by my writing. So I decided to blog.

I found out what people were interested in reading and started writing about those topics. People were looking for informational topics. Topics about Business, Jobs, Finances, Writing, E-books, Health , Nutrition & Fitness , and of course Beauty ,which include (hair, make-up, clothes), and occasional recipes. So I started. My journey began. I listened to my readers, took into account what they were interested in and started writing. First about what I knew and then learned all the other stuff. I make sure I’m as accurate as anyone can be and get help and advise from those who know about the subject at hand.

After a while I decided to sell my books on Amazon.com and to offer free PDF’s on my website for subscribers. I also offer other freebies to my subscribers. All kinds of goodies. There are several in each month’s newsletter.

I do hold giveaways occasionally and I post those in the newsletter as well. You will always get a heads-up before anyone else knows about it. There is even special entry options for those who are subscribed  You can always look forward to at least three new posts a week. There is something for everyone.

I hope you will enjoy your time here at my blog and will enjoy reading all the posts we have made over the years. Grab one of my books a cup of coffee and sit down to a relaxing evening.

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